Family Package

The package provides for:

  • Parent 1 – full-time student
  • Parent 2 – one choir
  • Children (ages 7 and up) – Children’s Choir

One parent may participate as a full-time student while the other parent assumes child care responsibilities. The latter may participate in a choir. Children (ages 7 and up) will sing in the Children’s Choir (treble voices only). Child care will be provided for children (under age 7) only during the morning and afternoon choir practices. Meals will be provided for the entire family. Additional opportunities for children may include participation in age-appropriate Music Education. These rates apply to children up to age 17. Children ages 18 years and older must apply as students. This family package is only available at the Virginia Camp.  Since it is offered at a discounted rate, family package applicants will not be eligible for other scholarships.


Applications will be processed only after the application fee has been received.

  • Early Application — $85
  • After April 1 — $110
  • After May 1 — $135  (We do not guarantee availability of books and music for students applying after May 1.)
  • Private Registration Fee — $50  (Students arriving after normal registration closes on the first day of Music Camp will need to make an appointment for private registration. Students may avoid this fee by arriving on time for registration.)

Due by May 1.

  • 2 adults: $495
  • Child #1: $50
  • Children #2-3: $45 each
  • Children #4-5: $40 each
  • Children #6 & up: $35 each

Due by May 1.

  • $130 per couple
  • $40 per child

Due by May 1. You will be given the option of purchasing or renting your textbooks and purchasing your choir music when you complete the application.

  • Textbooks & Music — $50-$150

Family of Six


Father = 2 classes, 1 choir, Mass choir, optional Men’s Choir

Mother = 1 choir

Child #1 (10 yr.) = Children’s Choir, Music Ed II participant

Child #2 (8 yr.) = Children’s Choir, Music Ed I participant

Child #3 (7 yr.) = Children’s Choir, Music Ed I participant

Child #4 (4 yr.) = Childcare during Choir Period 1 and 2


Daily Class Schedule




Breakfast as a family

Chapel as a family

Class Period 1  

Father – Free class period for homework, study, music practice.  

Child #2 and #3 – participate in Music Ed I.

Mother – care for Child #1 and #4

Choir Rehearsal 1

Father & Mother rehearse with same Mixed Choir

Children # 1-3 rehearse with Children’s Choir

Child #4 is in Childcare

Mid-Day Interlude

Pick up Children before attending Mid-day Interlude.

Father (full-time student) expected to attend; optional for the family.



Lunch as a family

Class Period 2

Choral Gesture class for Father

Child #1 participates in Music Ed II

Mother cares for Child #4

Children #2-3 may play with other children during break



Choir Rehearsal 2 (same as Choir Rehearsal #1)

Class Period 3

Father attends Building a Singing Culture

Mother cares for Children #1-4





Free time

Supper as a family

Mass Choir for Father

Men’s Choir for Father (optional)


There are two separate applications, one for parents and one for children.  Fees will be split between these two applications.  We suggest you complete the adult application first and follow the link to the children’s application.