All full-time students participate in a mixed choir. Mixed Choirs meet during Choir Period 1 & 2.

Choir conductors: Lloyd Kauffman, Wendell Nisly, Jeff Swanson.



All SCMC full-time students participate in Mass Choir which meets 6:15-7:45 pm.

Conductor: Wendell Glick



Conductor: Lyle Stutzman

Chamber Choir meets during Choir 1 & 2 and during Class Period 3. The 2018 choir is a touring choir.

  • Singers receive their music in advance. A schedule of advanced learning and memorization will be provided to enable choir members to arrive at camp with pitches, rhythms, and the general character of the music learned.
  • Those who apply are strongly encouraged to receive a minimum of 3 sessions of vocal coaching before coming to camp.
  • An audio file is required with the application.

The application fee for a touring chamber choir is $130. Remaining tour costs will be determined when the tour arrangements are finalized but will not exceed a total of $375. This remaining amount (total tour cost minus Chamber Choir application fee) will be due upon arrival at camp.


When and where is Chamber Choir touring in 2018?

The 2018 SCMC Chamber choir tour is planned from Monday, June 11, through Sunday, June 17.   Specific tour details are not yet confirmed.


What is the repertoire for Chamber Choir this year?

The 2018 Chamber Choir will present a program based on the theme, “Your Kingdom Come.” The repertoire is still being assembled, but it will include older choral classics, newer arrangements of familiar hymns, and sacred selections from a variety of contexts and styles. Lyle is also planning to write a new piece for the group based on a text to be suggested by Chamber Choir members.


Who can apply for Chamber Choir?

Anyone interested in broadening their musical experience.


How do I know if I am ready to apply for Chamber Choir?

Participation in Chamber Choir requires a basic competence in sight singing and rudiments, reasonable vocal confidence, and prior choir experience. Music must be learned independently before arriving at camp.

If you are not ready now, is it within reach in the future?  Certainly!  This is one of the purposes of music camp.  You will be amazed what several years of camp will do to strengthen your skills and confidence. Chamber Choir is offered as a culmination of the camper’s choir experience and musical education at SCMC.


How do I prepare my audio file?

Your audio file needs to include the following items.

  • To demonstrate your low vocal range, begin at a comfortable middle range and sing a descending scale on “ah” (as in father) to your lowest range.
  • To demonstrate your high vocal range, begin at a comfortable middle range and sing a ascending scale on “ah” (as in father) to your highest range.
  • Sing a major scale ascending and descending.
  • Sing two verses of Angels Holy, High And Lowly (tune Windermere, #79 in Hymns of the Church, #30 in The Mennonite Hymnal, and #573 in the Church Hymnal) at a comfortable range.
  • Sing a song of your choosing that demonstrates your vocal ability.

Please note that file size is limited to 4MB, and that your Chamber Choir application will not be processed without the audio file.

On the Chamber Choir section of the application, you will be given an opportunity to upload your audio file or to choose to email the file to


 How do I apply and what happens next?

  • Check the “I want to apply for Chamber Choir” box on the application form and complete the required info, including the submission your audio file.
  • Pay the $130 additional fee for Chamber Choir.
  • Submit your application by January 15, 2018.
  • You will receive a response via email regarding acceptance after February 1. Your enrollment at the camp is not dependent on your acceptance into the Chamber Choir. (Please see the Chamber Choir section on the Camp Fees page for information about what happens to your Chamber Choir Application Fee if you are not accepted into the choir.)
  • You will receive the music (and audio files if available) via email at least 2 months prior to camp week. Communication by the conductor regarding learning the music also occurs via email. (If you do not have email access, we will find a way to accommodate you.)

Women may sign up to participate in a Women’s Choir which meets 8:00-9:00 pm.

Conductor: Regina Brubaker



Children’s Choir meets during Choir I & II and is intended for school-aged children singing in treble voices.  Students enrolled in choir are expected to participate in the Choral Fest.

Conductor: Gwendolyn Good

New for 2018! Children’s Choir Package        Visit the Children’s Camp page for more information.