Certificate Program


In an attempt to meet a growing awareness of the need for musical training, Shenandoah Christian Music Camp offers an optional certification program. These certificates are based on participation; no additional testing will be required. All camps offer certification.

A BASIC Certificate provides course work to prepare adults to function at a basic level of musical competence.

A STANDARD Certificate begins to lay a foundation for students to serve in their home community as song leaders, choir directors, or music teachers. It is also helpful simply for personal development.



We believe that a basic understanding of the rudiments of music, an awareness of congregational hymnody, and experience in choirs can be enriching and beneficial for everyone. These certificates strive to give a balance of musical training, strengthening students’ ability to serve in schools, congregations, and choirs.



  • A certificate indicating completion of a program of study.
  • Public recognition of your achievement.
  • Priority in the event that your desired class should reach maximum capacity.
  • Assistance to help you sign up for classes, available upon your request.
  • A meeting with SCMC personnel during music camp to help project classes for the next year.
  • Continued advising at no extra cost until completion of program.
  • Students may sign up at any time.  Classes already taken will be applied toward certificate requirements.


Sign Up

You will have the option to sign up for the Certificate Program when you fill out your application for Music Camp. A certificate fee of $65 will be added automatically for either the Basic or Standard Certificates. You may choose classes yourself or ask for assistance.


BASIC Certificate

The essentials for basic musical competence
  • A. Rudiments IV
  • B. Sight-Singing III
  • C. Choral Gesture or Leading Congregational Worship
  • D. Philosophy of Congregational Music or Hymnology
  • E. Two years of Mixed Choir, two years of Mass Choir

STANDARD Certificate

Helpful preparation for serving in the home community.
This certificate requires Basic Certificate classes, plus the following:
  • A. Rudiments V
  • B. Sight-Singing IV
  • C. One year Mixed Choir, one year Mass Choir
  • D. Choose one of the four concentrations below:

Congregational (two of the following)

Leading Congregational Worship
Philosophy of Congregational Worship

Choral (two of the following)

Choral Gesture
Choral Rehearsal Techniques
Choral Arranging
Class Voice

Education (two of the following)

Elementary Education I
Elementary Education II
Secondary Education

General (any two courses not previously taken)

Building a Singing Culture
History and Appreciation
Any courses in concentrations 1, 2, or 3