Dress Code

Please dress for camp in a neat and disciplined manner and with respect to any guidelines your church may have.

Failure to observe the dress code may incur a $20 fine per incident.


Please …

  • Wear dress pants and full-button shirts with tails tucked in during the camp day. Denim is allowed for recreational activities.
  • Do not wear neckties
  • Wear shoes.
  • Keep hair neatly trimmed.

Program Attire

  • Solid-colored black dress pants
  • White long-sleeved dress shirt
  • Black belt, socks, and dress shoes

Please …

  • Wear dresses or jumpers without slits.
  • Have sleeve lengths be a minimum of near the elbow and skirt length be at least half way between knees and ankles.
  • Ensure necklines are near the base of your neck.
  • Wear shoes or sandals (no flip flops).
  • Cover your hair with a veiling.

Program Attire

  • Loose-fitting, solid-colored black dress (no pinstripes or pattern)
  • Hosiery and black dress shoes
  • Sleeves at or below the elbow

Please Do

  • Girls: Wear dresses or skirts that cover and extend well below the knee whether standing or sitting.
  • Boys: Wear denim or khaki pants.
  • All: Wear shoes or sandals.

Please Don’t

  • Girls: Wear shirts or blouses with low-cut necklines, that are tight-fitting, or that are sleeveless.
  • Boys: Wear sleeveless shirts or shorts.
  • All: Wear clothing with logos larger than 2” square.

Program Attire

  • Boys: Solid-colored black pants and white (button-down) shirts.
  • Girls: Black dresses (if black is unavailable, a dark solid is acceptable). A black skirt and white blouse are acceptable as long as they follow the guidelines as given above.