Shenandoah Christian Music Camp has provided a wonderful experience for me as a camper. I have not had much experience in choral music and I was very excited to be at camp for my first time this year. Larry Nickel was at camp as a special guest and he led mass choir and also had a general assembly session in the afternoon. These were two of the highlights of my whole week of music camp.

The classes that I participated in were very helpful and loaded with plenty of information that, by the end of the week, helped me realize I only know how much I don’t know yet. Which is exciting! It has placed a desire in me to pursue that knowledge more, whether it means coming back next year, just talking to more of my friends that enjoy music, or just getting my hands on material that music camp has directed me towards.

Music Camp also helped me develop a talent I have. It provided motivation to pursue the development of my talent in a Godly manner and it has drawn me closer to God through the whole experience. The friendships I gained at music camp I treasure.

I enjoyed the week of music very much and encourage anyone with even a slight interest in music to come experience the fun. The staff people have God’s best interest in mind along with yours. You’ll never know what it’s like till you experience it yourself!

— Lowell Schrock, 2010 Virginia Camp Student