About Mobile Music Camps

You’ve heard about the three Music Camps in Virginia, Ohio, and Ontario. But what if Music Camp came to your community for a week or a weekend?

What are Mobile Music Camps?

We’ve seen a lot of students come through our campuses in Virginia, Ohio, and Ontario since SCMC began in 2006, but we know there are so many people who will never be able to come to us—so what if we came to you, instead? Mobile music camps are just that: a one-time music camp in your church or community. We work with you to tailor a music camp to your community’s needs, providing chapel sessions and core classes.

What classes are offered at mobile camps?

We offer three different models of mobile camps.

  • One Week Mobile Camp (Tuesday-Sunday)
  • Four-Day Intensive Mobile Camp (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Worship Weekend (Saturday-Sunday)

The one-week and four-day intensive models include day-time classes in rudiments and sight singing (at a level that fits your community) and a class on leading congregational singing, as well as choir rehearsals. Children’s classes and choirs can also be part of the daytime schedule at a mobile camp. Evening events are designed to include the whole congregation and include chapel sessions and congregational workshops.

The Worship Weekend mobile camp has a more specifically congregational focus. It includes a song leading workshop, a congregational singing workshop, and teaching on good singing and Biblical worship.

What is a mobile camp hosting community responsible to provide?

A hosting community is responsible to provide:

  • local administration – someone to organize and run the camp, and to work with us to develop the classes and schedule for your camp
  • facilities for all events (classes, chapels, congregational events)
  • meals
  • books and music
  • lodging (as needed)
What is the cost of a mobile camp?

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us for more information or to let us know which model of mobile camp you’re interested in hosting in your community.

Send us an email at office@musiccamp.info and we’ll be happy to begin the process of scheduling a time for your mobile camp and finding the instructors needed to make it a reality.