A major goal of Music Camp is to encourage and develop interest in writing and singing newly crafted hymns. To help accomplish this, we periodically commission a composer to write a new hymn. We also offer a hymn competition soliciting text and music which is then joined together to form a new hymn. For all hymns on this page, permission is granted to make copies for congregational use. For other usage, please contact us.

O King of Endless Universe

 Winner of the 2015 SCMC Hymn Contest

Text: Kyle Lehman
Music: Lyndon Gehman


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The World Lay Languishing

 Winner of the 2014 SCMC Hymn Contest

Text: James Troyer
Music: Reed West


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God Never Sows in Vain

 Winner of the 2012 SCMC Hymn Contest

Text: James Troyer
Music: Jeffrey D. Martin


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O Holy Angels Bright

 Commissioned in 2011 by SCMC

Text: Richard Baxter
Music: Wendell David Glick


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A Resurrection Crowns the Cross

 Winner of the 2013 SCMC Hymn Contest

Text: Mike Atnip
Music: Kristina Mast


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What Joy―Within the Courts of God

 Commissioned in 2012 by SCMC

Text: Claudia Esh
Music: Lyle Stutzman


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For the Common Things of Earth

 Commissioned in 2010 by SCMC

Text: Geofrey Studdert-Kennedy
Music: Larry Nickel


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