Shenandoah Christian Music Camp is pleased to announce its fifth annual Hymn Contest. Our winners last year were Kyle Lehman and Lyndon Gehman, who provided the text and music, respectively, for the new hymn, “O King of Endless Universe.”

We again invite amateur poets and composers to participate in a contest to write a new hymn text and tune. We welcome contestants outside of the SCMC student group and encourage free distribution of this invitation to all interested persons.

Our primary goal is to stimulate God-given creativity to issue into the “new song” which each generation owes its Redeemer. We wish to provide an outlet for skills and inspiration gained at camp, as well as to nurture the hymn-singing traditions of the conservative Anabaptist churches.

Terms for the contest are given below. The winning composition will be presented at the 2016 camp. Submissions and questions should be directed to the SCMC Hymn Committee at:

Mail: Shenandoah Christian Music Camp, 6083, Mt. Clinton Pike, Rockingham VA 22802.

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