How old must I be to attend Music Camp?

Virginia Camp students must be at least 18 years of age.
Ohio Camp students must be at least 16 years of age.
Ontario Camp adult students must be at least 15 years of age.

What is the cost of attending Music Camp?

Camp fees and material costs are listed on the Virginia Camp Fees , Ohio Camp Fees, and Ontario Camp Fees pages.

Should I have any music training prior to attending?

No previous instruction is necessary. This camp is for anyone who is interested in taking their musical abilities to the next level. The starting place is less important than the desire to learn and the willingness to be taught. Our goal is simply to help each person attending take “the next step” forward in their pursuit of excellence.

What classes should a first-year student take?

We recommend that students begin their music study with Rudiments and Sight Singing alongside choir participation.

How many classes should I plan to take?

Due to homework assignments and the full schedule, we recommend enrolling in two classes. Due to the additional time required for rehearsal, Chamber Choir students may enroll in one class.

Will I have homework?

Homework is a regular requirement of SCMC classes. Because the schedule is full and study time is minimal, campers should plan to use one class period as a regular study period.

May I change my class selections after I’ve enrolled?

Changes to class selections are permitted until April 1 for Virginia and Ohio Camps and until June 1 for Ontario Camp, after which a $25 fee will be charged. Desired changes should be directed to the appropriate registrar via the Contact Us page. Changes requested by instructors during the camp week will incur no charge.

What choir will I sing in?

SCMC campers participate in both a mixed choir and mass mixed choir. Choir members complete a questionnaire (choir rubric) which guides the process of creating balanced choirs. Students may also participate in the Mass Men’s and Mass Women’s choirs if they care to do so. See Virginia ChoirsOhio Choirs, and Ontario Choirs for more details about the choirs.

How do I join the Chamber Choir?

When you complete the Application Form, check the box indicating that you wish to sign up for Chamber Choir and complete and submit the entire form. By the beginning or middle of March, you will receive a letter of acceptance or refusal. Since the Chamber Choir prepares a full repertoire of music, choir members will receive their music approximately 2 months prior to camp week. Chamber Choir members are expected to invest significant personal practice prior to arrival at camp. The Chamber Choir may tour for one week following camp. Applications must be submitted by February 1.

When is the application deadline for Music Camp?

Applications will be accepted through the beginning of camp. However, Virginia and Ohio applications received after April 1 will incur an additional $25 fee to cover additional processing expenses. In Ontario, applications received after June 1 will incur an additional $50 fee. Applications received after May 1 will incur an additional $50 fee. We do not guarantee the availability of books and music for students applying after May 1.

What are my options for lodging?

Lodging for the week is available in area homes Saturday – Saturday at the Virginia Camp and Sunday – Sunday at the Ohio Camp. Rustic cabins are also available at the Virginia Camp. Lodging before or after these dates may be arranged upon request.


Fees are stated on the Virginia Camp Fees, Ohio Camp Fees, and Ontario Camp Fees pages.

If you prefer, you may arrange your own lodging.

Does Music Camp have dress code requirements?


Yes. Please refer to the Dress Code page.

If your questions are not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us for further help.