Elnora Mobile Camp

Questions? Please contact Aaron Beery (info@elnorabi.org)


September 13-16, 2018


Elnora Bible Institute

Elnora, IN

Classes & Choirs offered

The following classes and choirs are offered at the Elnora Mobile Camp:

  • Rudiments 1 & 2
  • Sight Singing 1 & 2
  • One Adult Choir

On Thursday  and Friday evenings, there will be chapel and workshop sessions. To view or download the daily schedule, click the link below.

Elnora Mobile Camp Schedule

What Rudiments Class should I take?


It’s important that you get in the right level of Rudiments, so you are neither bored nor overwhelmed. Below is an overview of what is taught at each level.


Rudiments 1

  • Treble and bass clefs; note names and pitches
  • Grand staff
  • Ledger lines
  • Note values (Sixteenth, eighth, quarter, dotted half, etc.)
  • Rests
  • Musical markings: dynamics, tempo, repeats
  • Flats, sharps, and naturals
  • Time signatures, including 2/4, 3/4, 4/4

Rudiments 2

  • Whole and half steps
  • Major scales
  • Key signatures
  • Chromatic scale
  • Compound time (3/8, 6/8 etc)
  • DC, DS, coda, fine

If you sign up for Rudiments 2, you will receive a placement test to make sure you are in the right class.

What Sight Singing Class should I take?


Sight Singing teaches music reading skills through the demonstration and practice of methods and patterns necessary to read pitches and rhythms at sight. Students learn various tips to help in sight reading, and have opportunities to practice skills through class exercises. It’s important that you get in the right level of Sight Singing, so you are neither bored nor overwhelmed. Below is an overview of what is taught at each level.


Sight-Singing 1

  • Learn to understand and use musical symbols, key signatures, meter signatures, dynamic and road map markings.
  • Build proficiency in identifying names of round notes, in both treble and bass clefs.
  • Work on reading rhythms comprised of eighth, quarter, half, and whole notes/rests
  • Learn the basic major scale, with a basic knowledge of hand signs, as well as understand the keys of C and G Major
  • Read and sing in solfege in the keys of C and G Major on the treble or bass staff, using round notes.

Sight-singing 2

  • Count and clap rhythms with any combination of half, quarter, and eight notes.
  • Learn to find any starting pitch when given the key or DO.
  • Learn to correctly sing a new song that is at least eight measures long, has few leaps or accidentals, and has note values of an eighth note or longer.

Signing up for Sight-Singing 2 may require taking a placement test to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

What is the dress code?

Sunday's Schedule

  • Church – 10:00 am
  • Lunch – 12:30 pm
  • Concert – 3:00 pm (at EBI’s Chapel)

Meet your Instructors

Lyle Stutzman

Lyle Stutzman

Elnora, IN

Lyle Stutzman grad­u­ated from Con­cordia College in Moor­head, Min­nesota with a bachelor’s degree in Music Edu­ca­tion. He teaches music at Elnora Bible Institute in Elnora, IN, and arranges and composes choral music. In addi­tion to his musical inter­ests, he enjoys reading, cooking, learning about kingdom living, playing bas­ket­ball, and spending time with his wife. Lyle and Maria live in Washington, IN with their four children: Scott, Ivana, Megan, and Levi.

Wendell Nisly

Wendell Nisly

Harrisonburg, VA

Wendell grew up on the plains of Kansas in a singing family and in a singing church. His first formal musical training was at Wichita State University, where he completed a Bachelor of Music Education degree. After teaching and conducting for a number years, he moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia to complete a Masters in Choral Conducting at James Madison University.  He still lives in Virginia with his wife, Jeanene, who is a key asset in his musical and teaching career. She is an invaluable team member as they work together to juggle the various duties of teaching and conducting.