Our Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is conservative Anabaptist communities that understand music as a core function of a whole and vibrant life and use music to reflect the excellence, beauty, and holiness of God.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide theologically sound and musically competent instruction as a resource to the conservative Anabaptist community. We offer training in general musical development, congregational worship and leadership, choral conducting and performance, music education, and composition; and promote a mature biblical understanding of the purposes of music in worship and the arts.

Core Values

  1. Music that is both theologically sound and God-honoring.
  2. Music engagement that reflects a culture of excellence, and giving our best.
  3. Music that is accessible to singers and audience but also stretches them toward growth.
  4. Congregational music that is true, beautiful and enduring; and congregational singing that is engaged and authentic.
  5. A variety of music appropriate to the various community functions such as Worship, classroom, family and personal use.
  6. The collaboration of instructors and students around the common ground of God, Music and community.
  7. New music informed by the best of centuries of musical heritage.
  8. Education that leads to greater usefulness in and connection with the local church body.
  9. Music as a core part of our community life