Some of my highlights from the last couple of years at music camp . . .

I feel so privileged to have attended a Christian music school like this, and I have learned so much.

Even singing in chapel was thrilling. It was exciting to see how quickly we could pick up a new tune and begin harmonizing together. Being with such a large group of people that delight in singing and glorifying our Creator with the voices He gave us was so inspiring and had a way of uniting our hearts.

Music Ed. was a fun, eye opening class for me. It was fascinating to discover how young children can easily grasp musical concepts when they are presented in a simple, enjoyable manner. It made me wish I had more training when I was younger.

Tour was such a worthwhile experience; miles of getting acquainted on the road and mingling with the congregations after each program. It was very rewarding to hear how God used our singing to minister to others. Each time I came away feeling like I was the one receiving the blessing.

— A Music Camp Student