Camp Fees

Welcome to the fees page, where you will find what it takes to keep our doors open. For the first time since we began in 2006, we are implementing a noticeable price increase. For a full-time student, that will total up to about a $50 increase. We understand that this may be painful for you, and are sorry for that. But we believe that keeping our doors open will ultimately serve you better.

This year we also have changed our application provider. This will result in a considerably smoother application process for you, and much improved reporting for us. It does have limitations, however; we are required to charge you for materials and lodging when you apply. Most students are still able to wait to pay tuition until later. You will find details below.


Application Fees are nonrefundable, and applications will be processed only after the application fee has been received.

  • Early Application — $85
  • After April 1 — $110
  • After May 1 — $135  (We do not guarantee availability of books and music for students applying after May 1.)
  • Private Registration Fee — $50  (Students arriving after normal registration closes on the first day of Music Camp will need to make an appointment for private registration. Students may avoid this fee by arriving on time for registration.)

Due May 15.

  • Tuition — $330

Due with application.

  • Lodging — $90

Due with application.

Textbooks and materials are available for purchase or, in some cases, rental. Exact cost will depend on the textbooks required for the classes you select and the music required for the choirs you are in.  You will be given the option of purchasing or renting your textbooks and purchasing your choir music when you complete the application.

  • Textbooks & Music — $50-$150

Due with application.

  • Children’s Choir: $60 (Includes lunch and music)
  • Children’s Musical Skills Class: $40
  • Combo of Children’s Choir and Class: $90 (Includes lunch and music)

Application Fee – $15

All fees due with application.

  • Class: $85
  • Resident Choir: $160
  • Mass Choir: $65 (Includes music, folder, and 2 weekend meals. You will incur no additional fees.)
  • Women’s Choir: $45 (Includes music and folder.)
  • Combination of Mass Choir & Women’s Choir: $100



Meals are included with tuition for full-time campers. Part-time campers may purchase a meal package when filling out their application (due May 1), or they may pay for meals purchased during the week of camp.


  • Breakfast: $5
  • Lunch: $7
  • Dinner: $8
  • Camp Application Fees are nonrefundable.
  • Tuition, Lodging, and Book Fees are refundable (minus 5% transaction fees) through May 15.  Through May 31, a 50% refund will be given.  No refund will be given after May 31.
  • If we cannot accommodate you due to maximum enrollment, all fees will be refunded. If you choose to cancel, we will refund all fees except the Application Fee.
  • Children’s Choir/Class costs are refundable, minus a 15% administrative fee, through May 31.
  • After May 31, no refunds will be given.

We do not offer the Family Package at the Ohio Camp.


Please make checks payable to:

SCMC,10664 Township Road 516, Shreve, OH 44676