Hymn Contest 2015

Dear friends,

Thank you to all who submitted entries for the hymn-writing contest this year!

We selected “O King of Endless Universe”  as the winning poem (see below).  Our thanks to Kyle Lehman, of Rochester, Washington for submitting this poem.  Kyle, age 24, is currently teaching at Rosedale Mennonite School in Rosedale, British Columbia.  (For all our SCMC choral music fans, Rosedale is close to Abbotsford, hometown of West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir.)

Kyle also loves to sing, and enjoys choral music.  Verse-making apparently runs in his family.  He attributes his love of poetry to his mother, and his sister, Sheila Petre, has written quite a bit of poetry for various Mennonite publications.


O King of Endless Universe

O King of endless universe
We lift our mortal hands to Thee,
And raise a prayer from broken lips
To view the things we yearn to see.

Though You are high and infinite,
You crafted life from lumps of clay;
Come down, commune with us before
Our flickering light shall fade away.

We long to look into your will
And comprehend Your great design,
But Lord, our eyes on earth are dim;
Our thoughts cannot compare to Thine.

 So Father God who fashioned us,
We seek no further than to place
The hands You made into Your own,
And follow, till we see Your face.

Kyle says, “I never feel as happy as when I am singing”, so here’s your opportunity to make these verses sing for him!   This opens the second stage of the hymn contest.  Anyone is welcome to compose a hymn tune for this text. The field is open–let the music begin! The deadline for the compositions is March 1, 2015. See the SCMC website for details, or send your questions to hymncontest .

Thanks again, and God bless the composers with heavenly music for the church on earth.