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A week of music training in June.
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Virginia Camp

June 6-14, 2015
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Ohio Camp

June 22-28, 2015
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VA Camp is filling up!

Virginia Music Camp Camp has reached maximum capacity for single applicants. But, there is still room for 4 families. If these family slots are not filled by April 15th, we will allow single applicants to fill those slots. Single applicants may choose to either apply... read more

Hymn Contest 2015

Dear friends, Thank you to all who submitted entries for the hymn-writing contest this year! We selected “O King of Endless Universe”  as the winning poem (see below).  Our thanks to Kyle Lehman, of Rochester, Washington for submitting this poem.  Kyle,... read more

New Course at Virginia Camp

We are excited to offer a Secondary Music Ed. class at the VA camp in 2015. The course will attempt to address a variety of teaching contexts including small groups, classroom, and choir. Topics in music education such as the following will be considered: teaching... read more

Come As You Are

Camp is for anyone who is interested in taking their musical abilities to the next level. The starting place is less important than the desire to learn and the willingness to be taught. Our goal is simply to help each person attending take “the next step” forward in their pursuit of excellence.

Find Answers to Your Questions

Do you have music questions you’ve been “dying” to ask someone? Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, and are here to help you learn more about the field of music that interests you.

Sing in a Choir

A significant part of Music Camp is that everyone gets to sing in at least one choir. You’re immersed in music for a week, and might sometimes feel as though everything is going over your head. But don’t worry–we don’t let you drown!

What Our Students Are Saying

As a first time attendee of the Shenandoah Christian Music Camp, I was unsure what to expect upon arrival. However, my anxiety soon vanished as camp began. The whole week went quickly, culminating in the final set of programs on Sunday. No matter what your level of musical expertise, SCMC offers the opportunity to expand your music horizons and move towards becoming the musician God wants you to be.

Justin Stoltzfus

Music Camp Student

I will never regret the time I spent at Music Camp. I view it as a turning point in my life, where I learned a lot about music, myself and God. Kelly Deppen

Music Camp Student

Music Ed. was a fun, eye-opening class for me. It was fascinating to discover how young children can easily grasp musical concepts when they are presented in a simple, enjoyable manner.

A Music Camp Student

Music Camp helped me develop a talent I have. It provided motivation to pursue the development of my talent in a Godly manner and it has drawn me closer to God through the whole experience. I enjoyed the week of music very much and encourage anyone with even a slight interest in music to come experience the fun. The staff people have God’s best interest in mind along with yours. You’ll never know what it’s like till you experience it yourself!

Lowell Schrock

Music Camp Student